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Naturetale wild flower app

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Naturetale provides more interest and enjoyment from walking in the UK countryside. It enables users to identify wild flowers, berries and soft fruit - and then provides information about them, what they can tell you about the countryside, how they have historically been used by humans, literary references and more. Up to fifteen different types of information can be provided.Naturetale has been developed for people who are interested to know more about plants and the countryside, but do not want to be plant spotting experts. As with any identification and information source it requires users to look closely at the habitat, colour, shape, and (sometimes) height or leaves of flowers and berries. Flowers and berries can vary in their appearance and do not always look as they are supposed to.
Naturetale covers over 250 of the more widespread, distinct and interesting flowers and berries that are likely to be seen on walks in the UK countryside. Between them these groups covers all but the rarest flowering wild plants and berries. Naturetale covers species that are considered by biologists to be either native to the British Isles, or to have become naturalised over time. It does not cover species that botanists consider to be either escapes from domestic gardens or agricultural / horticultural use.
For simplicity it combines groups of plants that are very similar, but provides references to more detailed identification guides. If you would like to know if a flower is, say, a violet, or a member of the cow parsley family, then this app is for you.
The information provided on the food and medicinal uses of plants should not be taken as guidance to touch, pick or use them. Some plants and trees in Britain are toxic, while a few are deadly. Some people may also have bad reactions to "edible" plants. We cannot take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. We do not make any warranties or guarantees in relation to the consequences of coming into contact with the plants featured in this app. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.
Naturetale is about more than just developing and selling apps. We are trying to help to make a difference for our wildlife. Information about our activities can be found on our website and blog.